About Us


With over 40 year’s experience in martial arts, combat sports, and self-protection, my conclusion is that life is a continuous journey of learning and improvement. I do not promote any one martial art over another. Methods can always be improved and I encourage everyone to develop their own techniques and styles adapted to their needs. The focus of my teaching focuses on reality-based self-protection.

The Approach

The Approach is a modern day method formulated by Eddie Quinn. It is a simple concept, is easy to learn, but extremely effective.

Close Quarter Combat

Close quarter combat was originally a military term used to describe physical confrontations between two or more combatants. It is taught in a no-nonsense way to prepare soldiers or police officers to operate safely and survive a close range encounter. It has also been adapted to teach civilians. Modern CQC is not a martial art, it is martial science. https://moderncqc.co.uk/about

Why Choose Us?

Fusion Fighting System is an academy that is willing to provide the best service in training martial arts and self-defense. Our team is very kind, friendly, and professional. Therefore, we aim to provide the best to get the best out of you, train and improve our students to amend themselves in all aspects of their lives. When your physical health is good, your mental health is amended. Both aspects are essential for a joyful, complete, and productive life. Our teaching method is different from other schools. We get to the fundamentals of fighting, preparing our students for tournaments, street survival, conflict management, and self-confidence. Our goal is to nurture our students to get inspired and inspire the next generation.



Chief Instructor
Mohamed Hussain Anverdeen My father was a police officer and my grandfather a politician. Instilling a strong sense of discipline and morals was a core part of my upbringing. This included enrolling me at the age of 8 to Budokan Karate. The art emphasises on strikes, blocks and powerful kicks. It also taught me life lessons in discipline and morals that my family had hoped for and is reflected in my teaching style. Learning the art of consistency enabled me to attain my First Dan black belt in Budokan Karate under Sensei Mana Tuhgea Parara. Through my father’s work as a police officer, I observed how criminals fought each other and the police. I would contemplate how specific arts could be applied to real life and how techniques could be improved. This led me to explore other martial arts styles by attending seminars and classes. Shihan Palitha Galappaththi is know for his film directing and being a stuntman, but he is also a Sixth Dan in Kyokushin Karate. In his demonstration of Kyokushin Karate I was really impressed by the full contact style of Kyokushin,  as it is simple, effective and captures the spirit of martial arts fighting. I was very fortunate to train under Shihan to achieve my Fourth Dan black belt. One of the highlights of my training in Kyokushin was to have the honour of meeting with the founder of Kyokushin Karate, Sosai Mas Oyama and discuss the philosophy of Kyokushin which has helped me invaluably to this day. Due to the civil war, I had to leave Sri Lanka at the age of 24. Leaving my home was an uncertain time in my life, but looking back on things it was the best thing to happen to me on my martial arts journey. I travelled throughout Asia and Europe and in each country, I studied different martial arts. Whilst living in Holland I trained in Thai Boxing for 2 years. When I moved to France, I learnt Judo and French Boxing. When I moved to the UK, I met Sifu Michael Nembhard who encouraged me to broaden my thinking and develop an open mind to avoid becoming fixated with only a few arts. With Sifu Michael I trained in many other systems and also self-protection concepts including Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Silat and Panatukan. I have been very fortunate to train with exceptionally gifted instructors including Guru Dan Inosanto (training partner of the legendary Bruce Lee), Bob Breen, Rick Young, Terry Barnett and Eddie Quinn. I am a certified instructor in Eddie Quinn’s ‘The Approach, Self-Protection Method’. With all the that I had learnt, I chose to proceed with reality-based self-protection and Close Quarter Combat. The focus of this training is to recognise potential life-threatening situations before they happen and follow a path of avoidance and de-escalation and as a final resort to do pre-emptive strikes. Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine are two of the world’s most acknowledged experts in this methodology. Having trained under them, I am also affiliated to their associations, the British Combat Association and World Combat Association. I am a fully qualified trainer with full DBS clearance, Level 2 instructor of Modern Close Quarter Combat, I hold a SIA licence which is essential for anyone who offers private security. I teach children and adults classes, as well as self-protection to private security personnel, both in the UK and abroad..

Experience:40 Years