As a Chartered Accountant, my working day typically involves lots of numbers, spreadsheets and zoom calls. To counter this, I have always been keen on maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and whilst I have tried various things over the years, the one missing element was Martial Arts. I came across Fusion Fighting System around 6 years ago and my family and I have been training with Sensei Hussain and his team ever since.
I myself have participated in the Fusion Fighting System adult self-defence classes which provided an excellent insight into possible life threatening scenarios and how best to deal with them. In addition to this, my children have attended the weekly MMA classes and we now also participate in personal training sessions with Sensei Hussain. He has a deep knowledge of all things Martial Arts and has a passion to impart this to all his students, no matter their age or belt level. We have all thoroughly enjoyed our training with FFS and have benefitted immensely in terms of our own self development and fitness. We hope to continue our training with Sensei Hussain and the FFS Team for many years to come.

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