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I make a distinction between martial arts and self protection. Martial Arts teaches you discipline, perfection, and to reach your goals and this does not necessarily equate to self protection which is more about avoidance, awareness and being prepared for situations not always taught in depth by martial arts.

For me martial arts is important which is why I have done in the past and why I have started BJJ but self protection is important too which is why I am learning FFS.

It has allowed me to gain confidence in self protection specifically in terms of avoidance and awareness.

After 20 years of not doing martial arts it has rejuvenated my interest in martial arts and self defence and I now spend more time in teaching my children in their learning of FFS and BJJ.

FFS has also motivated me to get into weight training and yoga.

The avoidance and awareness techniques learnt not only help in self defence but and in personal and work environment as you become more aware of people’s body language. It gives you confidence that you are better prepared for any self protection situation.

You never know which environment you would need to defend yourself in and what is different about FFS is that it covers self defence in all ranges – ground fighting, grappling, arms length, leg length, and tactical retreat.

Sensei Hussain has been learning martials arts and self protection since a young age allowing him to bring a lot of depth, experience and value to FFS.


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