Will H.

Company Director

I have 3 young kids (5, 6, 7 yo) that enjoy, learn and gain a huge amount from Sensei Hussain’s classes. My children saw the advertising banner at the Leisure Centre and asked to join up. We weren’t sure what to expect as none of us had ever done any martial arts before and it has been a super experience ever since. We were welcomed in for a free trial, the kids were introduced to the class and now attend every week. The classes are well structured with lots of careful demonstration and tuition, Sensei has a calm, friendly and patient approach managing to keep the group of young kids focused through out which in no easy task. Each child is engaged and works to the level they are capable of. There is plenty of help on hand from other junior instructors so children can get their postures and moves right. They all work towards their grading and moving up to the next belt. It’s an excellent environment form them to learn focus, self-control and confidence.

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