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CEO of Telappliant – a managed IT and Communications services company for small business
I spent most of my life really feeling a lack of physical self confidence which translated into a great deal of anxiety about what I’d do if I was confronted with a situation where I, my family or a third party was being threatened in front of me.
I started training with Hussein and FFS and within a handful of lessons it was like a new world opening up. I was really surprised at how fast the training built a number of things:

1.understandinging how violence can erupt to defuse or deal with a situation with some basic techniques that can be easily learned
3.the difference between the reality based training in FFS versus the sports based martial arts or the traditional based martial arts
4.the fact that usable skills can be developed in a matter of weeks rather than the years that seem necessary with sports/traditional martial arts

My confidence and calm improved measurably even by the end of the 4 lesson!
I would recommend FFS for all the reason cited above. In short – you learn effective skills fast – it deals with the psychology of violence as well as stress testing realistic scenarios. And you learn how to avoid and de-escalate situations as well as how to effectively handle yourself if a violent threat is sadly unavoidable.

On Hussein personally – I have never come across someone so passionate, knowledgable and comitted to his work and the principles he trying to teach. He is constantly learning himself. If you want a real life(though a lot younger) Mr Miyagi, he is the person to meet:)!

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