Experience:8 Years


Our Qualified Instructor


Since my teenage years I trained in many martial arts including Taekwondo, Wing-Tsun, Western Boxing, and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. All the arts are 100% valid but I always felt that there was something missing in terms of the self protection mindset. It was only once I started training with Sensei Hussain that I realised that my passion was not martial arts or combat sports but rather it was advanced combatives. I am very fortunate to be able to train with Sensei Husain who has learnt combatives from the best including Geoff Thompson, Eddie Quinn & Lee Morrison. The objective of what I learn is to train for a level 10 threat using principles, skillsets and tactics that are gross motor in nature and proven to work under real fight stress. My goal is to become a level 3 instructor of advanced combatives.