Experience:3 Years

Weight:65 kg


Our Qualified Instructor


Afra commenced training in martial arts at the young age of 5 with her father, instructor Hussain. She has been assisting in classes as a junior instructor in her teenage years and is experienced in uprising the skills of her students. She has accomplished a Level 2 instructor course and has achieved a brown belt in Karate. She hopes to inspire the younger generations and instill the consequentiality of self-defense in this day and age, especially as a young woman. She specialized in self-defense and runs courses catered for females. She is a second-year psychology undergraduate student- her course avails in her erudition in self-defense, for example, prevent yourself from being a facile victim of an attack by ambulating with a strong stance and posture. She is studying to accomplish the Level 1 Instructor MCQC (Modern Close Quarter Combatives) course.