12 plus, ladies only, Wallington, Self-protection/kickboxing courses

Typical class format

As Sensei Hussain has verbally expressed many times, there is no point in learning techniques and methods solely for the sake of checking off a list. It is very paramount to be able to pick out the imperfections in a technique and visually perceive whether they would genuinely work on the street if you had to defend yourself. The whole concept of Sensei Hussain’s method, Fusion Fighting System, is to learn techniques with this in mind.

For this reason, a typical class consists of an intensive cardio workout. This builds up stamina and vigor to be capable of doing specific techniques. People may argue that in a real-life scenario you wouldn’t have warmed up and been prepared. This is authentic, however, this improves the cardio fitness of your body and is salutary to one’s overall health. The body develops muscle memory the more times a drill is actioned.

After the cardio, specific techniques are edified and practiced. These are then utilized in real-life scenario training. This is a unique aspect of the Fusion Fighting System. By putting students through scenario training they are put in a kindred situation to what may transpire in real life, e.g. standing at a bus stop and someone endeavors to steal your mobile, or you feel someone is following you. Before even think what you do physically, Fusion Fighting System trains students to have the right physical and mental posture i.e. to be aware of circumventions, to pre-empt hazardous situations, how to deny/ deny potential situations, to verbally de-escalate, and as the last spot to utilize physical techniques. By putting students through specific stress drills, we endeavor to emulate what would transpire in a real-life scenario with multiple aggressors, shouting, pushing, utilizing dummy weapons, this helps to increase adrenaline levels which cause specific stress responses in the body. The students then learn to harness this to their advantage and fight rather than freeze. It’s about embracing the anxiety that you may feel in a potentially hazardous situation and using it to help you escape. The aim is to install these techniques so that they become reflexes and second nature. In real-life scenarios, there may not be time to think about these things therefore it’s important to take action before it’s too late.

We enhearten our students to take part in tournaments such as Kudo UK and Mixed Martial Arts to put their skills to the test. We edify full combat sports and offer MMA, blends techniques from Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and ground fighting.


From : Morden Islamic Centre, 116 London Road, Morden, SM4 5AX