12 plus females only

Typical class format 

The children and youth class are taught in a mixed martial arts (MMA) format with an emphasis on a self-protection mindset. A transition is made in teaching from youth to adult class where the focus is on combatives. The MMA format blends techniques from Western Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Judo and ground fighting.

A typical class consists of an intensive cardio workout. This builds up stamina, strength, flexibility and is beneficial to one’s overall health. After the cardio workout specific techniques are taught and practised to develop muscle memory. The techniques learnt are then used in real life scenario training. By putting students through scenario training, they are put in a similar situation to what may happen in real life.

We use The Cooper Colour Codes to help students become aware of their surroundings so that they can evade/avoid potential situations before they happen, verbally de-escalate and as a last resort use self-protection techniques. By putting students through specific stress drills, we simulate real life scenarios with multiple aggressors, shouting, pushing, and using dummy weapons. This helps to increase adrenaline levels which cause specific stress responses in the body. Students then learn how to harness responses to their advantage and respond, rather than freeze. When done consistently the techniques become reflexes and natural.

We encourage students to take part in Kudo UK tournaments each year. Kudo is a full contact combat sport and allows students to put their skills to the test and identify areas where they can improve.


From : Tooting Leisure Centre, Greaves Pl, Tooting, London SW17 0NE