All instructors fully certified and DBS Checked

Mohamed Hussain Anverdeen

CHIEF INSTRUCTOR. Hussain is a fourth degree black belt in Budokan Karate. he was fortunate enough to have been taught be some of the greatest Karate teachers.  Teachers such as Sensei Mana Tuhgea Parara and Sensei Muhedeen. He also had the opportunity to meet Master Sensei Oyama from Japan and learnt his philosophy of Koyoshinkai. Hussain is not just an expert in Karate, but has developed a unique style combining many different martial arts. Hussain has over 40 years of experience in this field.. Read More

Michael Nembhard

Michael is an expert in general fitness  and nutrition. He is also an extremely experienced practioner of JKD, Kali, Silat, boxing, Thai boxing and Filipino grappling. Michael has over 30 years’ experience in this field. He is also a personal trainer and has vast experience as a teacher. He is a member of The British Combat Association.

Lazhar Zeroukhi

Lazhar is a black belt in Shotokan Karate. He has many years’ experience, having started karate at the age of 8 years. He specialises in teaching traditional methods, emphasising discipline, focus and concentration. He also has experience in teaching kendo. He has been teaching for 10 yrs.

Jason Daly

Jason started training at the age of 8 in Lau Gar Kung-Fu, which evolved into freestyle kickboxing known as Sun Kune Do . He has over 30 years of experience in martial arts. He is an expert in Jun Fan/JKD, Kali, Silat, Western Boxing, Thai Boxing, Catch As Can Wrestling and various grappling arts. Jason is affiliated with the British Combat Association. He explains how to protect yourself and your loved ones and stay on the right side of the law.

Madlen Buchbauer

Madlen has been training in many different disciplines such as Kali, Silat, JKD, Panatukan, Wing Chun, boxing, kick and Thai boxing for more than 8 years. In the last two years she has been in some Thai and K1 fights. She has been teaching martial arts for about a year and specialises in JKD, Kali, Silat, kick and Thai boxing.

Samimah Hussain

Samimah is an instructor in self-protection and close quarter combat. She also works in a school for children with special needs. She has vast experience in verbal de-escalation techniques which are very important in the field of self-protection; verbal techniques often precede any physical techniques.  She is a member of the British Combat Association.

Saira Nasim

Saira has been training in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. She has always been interested in martial arts. She trains regularly with her husband and boys. Saira is a qualified self-protection instructor and close quarter combat instructor, she is also a member of the British Combat Association.

Afra Hussain

Afra is an Assistant Instructor. She has been training with her father, Hussain since she could walk. Afra has learnt mixed martial arts and the art of self-protection from her father. She is currently studying for A-levels and helps to teach in the children and women’s classes when she can.